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Our history

In 2012, West African immigrant and refugee mothers living in Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center saw the challenges facing families within their communities. Using their knowledge about the communities as well as having a personal understanding of the challenges faced by newly-immigrant families, the mothers came together to create change and Legacy Family Center was created. 

Meet the team


Victoria Karpeh

LFC Board Member

Victoria has worked in social and educational services for her entire professional career. Her passion has focused on

helping families facilitate a connection between themselves and their communities.


As an immigrant she knows how challenging it can be for

families to navigate new cultures. It is her belief that "a family can only reach its full potential when the whole unit is understood as an asset in the community".


Veronique Chasenet De Gergy

LFC Board Member

An immigrant of Sierra Leone of French immigrant parents, Veronique came to the USA at an early age. Her experience spans several continents and age groups from newborns to senior citizens, and at every stage of family development.


Veronique's focus is helping people in communities around the

world develop themselves and thus help their own community as a whole. She believes that this can be best achieved through collaboration and education with an emphasis on "people teaching people." She also believes that in order to find solutions to problems, people's needs must be recognized and understood.


Tonia Flowers

LFC Board Member

Tonia's whole focus has centered on helping families help themselves. Her belief is that families are the backbone of society, but in order to be successful and fruitful, they need to be supported to help themselves and society as a whole.


She owned a licensed childcare home for 11 years, Nite Care, which provided 24-hour care 7 days a week for children 6 weeks to 14 years old. 


Robin Perez

LFC Board Member

Robin brings a wealth of experience mentoring and advising in the higher education arena. She has worked with diverse student populations ranging from middle school to doctoral programs, teaching, conducting workshops and serving as a mentor. Her career focus and passion are working with people in the identification, expansion and actualization of their inner talent, passion and gifts that each person has.


Robin's work has explored many facets of the academic gamut - from creating and facilitating workshops and undergraduate classes to mentoring and conducting outreach initiatives and advising students and staff. She has also traveled abroad for the University of Minnesota with outreach programs. 

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