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Making literacy accessible by incentivizing youth

About our literacy offerings

Legacy Family Center is committed to developing literacy in youth. We accomplish this by building skills in various mediums:

  • Traditional reading literacy

  • Financial/wealth/investment literacy

To build these skills, we've established the Youth Readers Program and a book distribution initiative. Read more about these literacy programs below.

About the Youth Readers Program

Literacy is critical for a child's development. That's why Legacy Family Center has created a program to incentivize children to read and to have youth read to them. 

Under this program, youth aged 10-17 are paid an allowance to read books to younger listeners aged 2-9 in their home and community.


Both reading and listening improves a child's literacy skills. If your family is interested in being a reader or listener, click the buttons below. 


About the book distribution program

Underserved communities lack the proper resources to build literacy. Legacy Family Center aims to fix this issue by making sure reading material is accessible and appropriate for certain age groups.

The books distribution program targets young children ages 0 to 12 years. Once a form is filled out, our staff will curate a variety of books and drop it off at the address provided. 

If you're interested in the book distribution program, complete the form below.


Why is early literacy important?


Building literacy improves a child's self-image, as well as help them become lifelong learners.

Albany Business Review, 2015


Literacy helps children learn new skills and knowledge, performing better in school.

Penn State, 2020 


Literacy skills help children socialize, problem-solve, and be good decision makers. 

Raising Children, 2020


Literacy helps people comprehend complex ideas and communicate effectively.

World Education Services, 2017

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