Children Reading the Holy Bible

Literacy Initiative


Encouraging Literacy in Youth

Why is Early Literacy IMPORTANT?

Reading aloud to children at an early age can give them a better chance of success in the future because it activates parts of a child’s brain that helps strengthen their imagery and literacy development. American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

We know if children miss the opportunity to acquire the foundation of early literacy and are not exposed to books and reading, they tend to struggle, when they start school.

We also know the brain is a malleable and an absorbent system that can take in new information. (Kolb and Gibb, 2011)

A consistent reading time with children daily changes the trajectory of their lives.

What is our strategy to support early literacy?

We believe "it takes community to support a community" and within that community there are specific people who are uniquely positioned to make early literacy accessible to young children. 


Youth are an untapped literacy resource in the community that can contribute to the success of this program, while they build valuable leadership skills.


Youth readers ages 13 – 17 will be paid an allowance to read books to younger listeners in their home and community.