Why Is Early Literacy Important?


Encouraging Literacy In Youth

​Reading aloud to children at an early age can give them a better chance of success in the future because it activates parts of a child’s brain that helps strengthen their imagery and literacy development. American academy of pediatrics (aap).We know if children miss the opportunity to acquire the foundation of early literacy and are not exposed to books and reading, they tend to struggle, when they start school.We also know the brain is a malleable and an absorbent system that can take in new information. (kolb and gibb, 2011)a consistent reading time with children daily changes the trajectory of their lives.


Half of Minneapolis Public School students can't read at grade level

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Minneapolis has a dreary history when reading curriculum included negative racial and cultural stereotypes

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The first increases in rates of literacy among students are expected during the 2022-2023 school year

80% of the district's white students are proficient in reading, while the percentage of proficient Hispanic, African American and American Indian students hovered around 20-30%.

The literacy program’s goal is to make literacy accessible to young children in their home and community. Literacy matters because children

who have access to early literacy at the beginning of their development are more likely to continue to strengthen their passion for learning throughout their education career. This is especially true for children from West Africa, some of whom may not have access to reading materials in their home.  LFC makes literacy accessible so that illiteracy is the exception and not the rule with young children and their families. Reading is one tool used to support young children’s sense of hearing because young children are sensitive to sound, while they are exposed to a wide variety of literature. Reading sparks children’s imagination by creating a picture in their mind about the colors, the characters in the story, the landscapes, and especially the tone of the writer. Reading gives children the ability to be attentive, which helps young children to be patient, control their body while listening, and be empathetic by reading.  

If you want your child (ren) (0-12 years old to listen to youth reader a book) 

What is our strategy to support early literacy?

We believe "It takes community to support a community" and within that community there are specific people who are uniquely positioned to make early literacy accessible to young children. Youth are an untapped literacy resource in the community that can contribute to the success of this program, while they build valuable leadership skills.Youth readers ages 13 – 17 will be paid an allowance to read books to younger listeners in their home and community.


Social Impact

Gaps in knowledge and ability between disadvantaged children and their more advantaged peers open up long before kindergarten, tend to persist throughout life, and are difficult and costly to close. Taking a proactive approach to cognitive and social skill development through investments in quality early childhood programs is more effective and economically efficient than trying to close the gap later on.

Economic Impact

A recent study published by Professor Heckman and top researchers from around the world found that extremely disadvantaged children in Jamaica who took part in an early intervention similar to home visiting programs in the United States boosted their earnings in adulthood by 25%, putting their wages on par with those of their more advantaged peers.

The rate of return for investments in quality early childhood development for disadvantaged children is 7-10% per annum through better outcomes in education, health, sociability, economic productivity and reduced crime. There’s a growing recognition of the value of investing in quality early childhood programs. It’s time to act on the evidence. The sooner we do, the more likely we will be to put our country on the road to greater prosperity that is shared by all.

Enhancing quality early care and education can offer a win-win solution for re-mobilizing the workforce, developing an up-and-coming talent pool and increasing economic activity now and in the decades ahead.


Health Impact

Recent research by Professor Heckman and colleagues has shown dramatic long-term health effects of early interventions for disadvantaged children that incorporate early education, nutrition and health. More than 30 years later, treatment group individuals were at significantly lower risk for serious cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, such as stroke and diabetes. These findings demonstrate the great potential of coordinated birth-to-age-five early childhood programs to prevent chronic disease, reduce healthcare costs and produce a flourishing society.

LFC strives to help parents provide healthy meal options to the whole family. Our newly created meal plans offer recipes and healthy ingredients children will love. We know how hard it is to cook food that is not only healthy but that doesn’t take too long to cook as well. Our meal plans are affordable, creative, tasty and most importantly nutritious.

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90% of your donation brings books, coats, social services and literacy support to local families in need.


By donating today, you are empowering families and children with reading and writing skills as well as social services solutions


Everything Started with a Book!


See Our Youth Readers at Work

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