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Part of our literacy initiative requires us to have places within the community to house books that children want to read. Oftentimes parents have to go out into the community to places where children find themselves to be bored and lack things to keep them interactive and learning. Because of this, children are spending a large amount of time on mobile devices to keep them occupied when the parents are taking care of their day to day activities. Although these mobile devices are keeping children occupied, they are not teaching children life skills like literacy and the love for books and learning.

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For this reason we need to partner with grocery stores, boutiques, hair salons, barbershops, nail salons, doctor’s offices and many other types of business where children are spending time but aren’t benefiting from books. 

Libraries throughout the nation are being shut down at record numbers and the books are being destroyed. We aim to collect children’s books and supply the very communities that lack access to the traditional libraries. This part of our initiative requires very little work on the part of the business owners. We do all the work by furnishing the books your community needs. We follow up with you to determine how things are going and distribute more material as needed. 


One other way to partner with us is by sharing our content and initiatives via your social media pages and with your friends and family. There are always people who would be glad to help us and by spreading the word we can get the message out to the masses. Although our initiatives are starting here in Minnesota we plan on expanding our services eventually beyond state lines. Help us get the word out by sharing our content and calls to action and providing a monetary donation to help support. 

We would not be successful without the support of our community and you are a big part of that. We thank you for considering donating to our initiatives whether on a monthly basis or a one time donation. Every bit counts. 

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90% of your donation brings books, coats, social services and literacy support to local families in need. 


By donating today, you are empowering families and children with reading and writing skills as well as social services solutions


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