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We rely on volunteers like you to complete Legacy Family Center's mission to empower families all over the northwest suburbs of Minneapolis. 

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Charles E. Pinkus

Grant Writing

Charlie is a retired teacher. His undergraduate degrees, a B.A. (general education) and a B.S. (industrial engineering), are from Rutgers University. He subsequently earned a master’s degree from Cornell University and a doctorate from The George Washington University (GW), both in the field of operations research. For two and a half years he taught high school mathematics and physics, the first two years of which were as a Peace Corps volunteer. After working in industry and on an employment research project for the next two years, he spent 33 years as a professor at GW, Sangamon State University (now a branch campus of the University of Illinois), and the California State Polytechnic University at Pomona. As a professor, he taught subjects in the area of operations management, including project management, applied statistics, management science, and computer applications. He taught students of engineering, mathematics, business, and public administration, and served for 12 years as an adjunct professor for the Executive Management Program of the Claremont Graduate School. Since retiring he has provided pro bono project management training and consulting to non-profit organizations, as well as serving as a Peace Corps Response volunteer in Palau for four months.

Erin Hill

Web Development

Erin Hill is a computer science graduate and full time software engineer who volunteered to design the Legacy Family Center Website. She was happy to donate her time to a worthy cause and was impressed by Legacy Family Center's mission by improving their web presence and reaching more families in need.