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The literacy program’s goal is to make literacy accessible to young children in their home and community.

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Current Initiatives

Legacy Family Center Minnesota supports families by assuring access to resources to increase literacy and to help families thrive in our communities through our social services initiatives.

Book Distribution


Book Distribution- LFC partners with local businesses to provide access to books in their facilities for children to read while they are there.

 Youth Readers


Youth Readers Program- We provide an incentivized reading program that allows youth the opportunity to earn money for reading books.

Social Services


Social Services - LFC supports families by providing adults with resume writing, job searching, coat drives, healthy eating, access to social resources and parental support.

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Your Donation brings books, coats, social services and literacy support to local families in need. 


By donating today, you are empowering families and children with reading and writing skills as well as social services solutions

Why Literacy?

At the Legacy Family Center, we believe community literacy and access to needed resources is the foundation of lifelong growth overall. People who cannot read or write experience many difficulties with simple everyday tasks such as completing school requirements, getting needed licenses and certifications and filling in a job application or understanding traffic signs. When we help families to acquire literacy skills through our initiatives we can empower them with access to better opportunities in life to eventually break the poverty cycle.

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