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Building literacy,

breaking the cycle of poverty.

By improving literacy in the home, we're helping children and families
address unmet social, emotional, and educational needs. 

Our initiatives

Families can break the cycle of poverty with access to literacy-building resources and social services.



Our incentivized literacy program encourages children to read more, helping them in school and beyond.


Pathway Guidance

We help with resumes, job searching, career development, and more. 


STEAM Education

We help build knowledge in various areas, including science, technology, engineering, art, and math.



Beyond providing educational support, we'll help you develop habits to improve your overall wellness. 

Get involved, make a difference

Whether it's fundraising, volunteering, or partnering with us, you can help increase literacy access in our community.

Make a contribution

By donating today, you are empowering families with reading and writing skills, as well as social services solutions

Why Literacy?

Literacy-in-the-home environment has many benefits, including:

  • Developing better social and communication skills

  • Improving decision-making abilities

  • Greater likelihood to graduate high school and attend college

Penn State, 2020; Raising Children, 2020


Incentivizing youth to acquire literacy skills will help them have better opportunities and break the cycle of poverty.

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