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We believe that the home is more than four walls and a roof over your head. It’s where speech begins, a reading routine can start, and familial connections are made. That’s why Legacy Family Center provides many education programs that involve varying ages, from early childhood to elementary and middle school to high school, or preparing for college or entering the workforce. We include all generations who want to participate. Check out our incredible offerings and know you have a partner in education at Legacy Family Center.

Book Distribution Program

Underserved communities lack the proper resources to build literacy. Legacy Family Center aims to solve this issue by making reading material accessible for specific age groups.

The books distribution program targets young children ages 0 to 12 years. Once the form is complete, a LFC staff member will select various books and drop them off at the address provided. 

Please email us if you want to participate in the book distribution program.

Businesses and partners, contact us if you'd like to sponsor a book fundraiser!

Be sure to regularly check Legacy Family Center’s calendar of events to see where you can find us distributing children’s books. We are adding new dates and locations all the time. Come out and get free children's books!


Youth Readers Program

According to a 2022 Forbes article Poverty Impedes Children’s Education Long Before They Enter The Classroom — Here’s How We Can Change That, "The ratio of age-appropriate books per child in low-income neighborhoods is one book per 300 children, compared to middle-income neighborhoods where the ratio is 13 books per child."

We know that literacy is critical for a child's development. That's why Legacy Family Center created an incentivized program for children to read and to have their older youth family members read to them.


Under this program, youth aged 10-17 are paid an allowance to read books to younger listeners aged two to nine in their homes and community. Both reading and listening improve a child's literacy skills and strengthen relationship bonds.

Don't have older youth in your home to read to your young ones? Coming soon is LFC's Let's Read Together program, where you can take advantage of our extensive streaming library of recorded youth readers.


Whether your child is ready to read or listen, join the fun! Email us today!


STEAM Initiative

Our STEAM Initiative covers the areas of science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics. STEAM is designed to blend STEM subjects with the arts subjects to teach students innovation, to critical thinking and use engineering or technology in imaginative designs or creative approaches to real-world problems while building on mathematics and science base.​

Contact us today if your child is interested in building knowledge on these exciting topics.


Financial Literacy

Breaking a cycle of poverty includes having a hands-on approach to teaching about personal finances. As a society, we must give children both academic and practical educational lessons. For example, they need to know and understand basic budgeting, the difference between a credit card and a debit card, how to apply for a credit card, how to save for a rainy day, and the importance of investing to build personal wealth.

Are you ready to prepare our children to be responsible citizens of the future? Contact us today to register for an upcoming class.


ACT/SAT Preparation

The ACT and SAT are incredibly important tests. The test score has a cascading effect on many next steps, i.e., college admittance, scholarships, internships, and inevitability, jobs.


Register today to ensure your child is as ready for test day!

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Anna Gbadoe, Minneapolis, MN

"I really like Youth Reader's program; not only do I get to read books to kids, but I can improve my reading skills. Also, it is really good practice to read."
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