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Your donation brings books, social services and literacy support to local families in need 


By donating below,
you are empowering families with
literacy skills and social services solutions

Make a monetary donation

We accept in-kind donations

We gladly accept the following in-kind donations:

  • Food gift cards

  • Seasonal items like winter coats, boots, hats, and gloves - Accepted during the winter season

  • Laptops

Please make sure that all items are in good condition (not soiled, functional). 

To make an in-kind donation, please contact us to schedule a pick up or drop off.


Legacy Family Center's impact

"As a youth reader, I learned skills to help me manage my time allowing me to complete my responsibilities of reading twelve children’s books by the end of the month.


The literacy program allowed me to connect with our siblings in a way
that was different because even though I was reading children’s
books, it could easily be argued that with the time I spent reading the
books it allowed me to read better and learn new techniques for
reading as it influenced me over the span of one year.

While it may be obvious that the reading improved my skills in reading
and comprehension, what was less obvious was the things happening
behind the scenes. This includes learning to problem solve when uploading the reading video to the Youtube channel had issues, posting on time, completing the

reading on time, and engaging the young child during reading. 


All these items contributed to my determination to think outside the box to find
solutions to the problems to make sure the objectives would be completed and forced us to be responsible for our work."

Josiah, Youth Reader Program participant

Thanks for making an impact

Thank you for your consideration and donation. See how your donation makes an impact to our organization below.

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