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Workforce Development

Legacy Family Center understands that being skilled and having meaningful work makes a positive difference in the lives of individuals and, in turn, their communities. We ensure that our youth are prepared for meaningful learning and growth opportunities in whatever they choose, whether in a workplace, technical school, or a college environment.

Career Exploration

Today's inequitable access to educational resources means limited availability of career preparation experiences. Add to it a mix of challenging life circumstances means a child may not fully realize their potential.


Legacy Family Center understands that children, parents, and caregivers need to know a career exists before they can become interested in it. This is why we leverage members of our community to offer a career exploration program.

  • Provide a variety of career-related learning activities.

  • Introductions for informational interviews, job shadowing, and career research.

  • Engage with professionals and community members in their areas of expertise and offer job shadowing.

  • Potentiality for internships and apprenticeships.

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College/Technical School Exploration

Once you've explored careers and found something that makes your heart soar, it's time to build a roadmap to get there. Legacy Family Center partners with the best advisors that can help you prepare in advance to ensure its fruition. Working together, we'll tailor a plan by investigating items such as:

  • Evaluate current coursework, volunteerism, and teacher references.

  • Investigate technical schools, community colleges, online programs, and college tours, complete an application,  and write a compelling entrance essay.

  • Explain financial aid, grants, and potential scholarship opportunities.

This time is exciting but also a little overwhelming. Allow Legacy to guide you, register today!


Pre-employment Skill Building

The Essentials

Maybe you want to look for a job but need help getting started. You may want to contribute financially to the household, so that home life is less stressful. Either way, there are some essentials necessary before diving into your search. Our Pre-employment Skill Building program covers items like:

  • Collect the government items you'll need, like a Social Security card, driver's license, or state identification card.​

  • Devise a list of places you'd like to apply.

  • Discuss how to complete a job application.

Resume and Interview Building

Another area we cover is resume building. Whether you're a high school student, parent, or caregiver, knowing what to include and how to organize a resume can take much work. At Legacy Family Center, we understand that it might feel overwhelming, but we reassure you that you have plenty to offer, even with limited work experience.

  • Guidance on the development of a resume and cover letter.

  • Preparation for an interview, including mock interviews and appropriate attire.

  • Post-interview etiquette, such as sending a thank you email and when to follow up if you haven't heard anything.


To start, we will help you focus on five key areas your education, extracurricular activities, volunteer work, highlight any leadership experience, and soft skills. Through thoughtful questions, we comb through your history to discover your unique skillset.


No matter your needs, Legacy Family Center is here to help you navigate this exciting time with you.

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