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Children's Book Donation

There is something about reading and listening to a story that genuinely brings children’s eyes and brains to life. We work to end educational inequalities and support children on their literacy journey. Give the gift of books, and you'll give a little magic. Check back soon when you can subscribe and listen to the magic of our readers in Legacy’s Let’s Read Together program.


"Book giveaway programs promote children’s home literacy environment, resulting in more interest in reading and higher reading scores during early education."


de Bondt, M., Willenberg, I. A., & Bus, A. G. (2020). Do book giveaway programs promote the home literacy environment and children’s literacy-related behavior and skills? Review of Educational Research, 90(3), 349-375.

Literacy is critical for a child's development. That's why Legacy Family Center has created a program to incentivize children to read and to have youth read to them.

Under this program, youth aged 10-17 are paid an allowance to read books to younger listeners aged 2-9 in their home and community.


Both reading and listening improves a child's literacy skills. If your family is interested in being a reader or listener, click the buttons below. 

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