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Helping Hands

Get Involved

Volunteers and community businesses are the glue that holds a community together. YOU make Legacy Family Center successful and our community a better place. No donation or help with a task is too small because it makes a real difference in the lives of our youth, families, and the operations of Legacy Family Center. We are waiting for YOU! Join us today!



Volunteer Your Time

Volunteering not only makes a healthier community but a healthier YOU! Whether you need a break to take the focus off your work or household, are looking to widen your network, or want to learn a new skill, volunteering can make valuable and rewarding changes in your life while making a difference in others’ lives. Start today!


Make a Financial
or In-kind Donation

Tight budgets and dedicated funds dictate how nonprofits can spend their money. Your much-needed financial contributions help us run our programs, reach out to more in need, and curtail operational costs. In-kind donations, whether prizes for raffles, office supplies, books, and the like, are an excellent way for nonprofits to access goods and services that would otherwise be too expensive. Your financial and in-kind donations free up our budget to spend elsewhere. Make a difference and give today!

Donation Jar
Collecting Donations


Host a Fundraiser

The funds you raise will help provide education, workforce development, wellness building, social service programs, and, most of all, care and kindness to families that propel their lives to self-sufficiency. Ready to host a carwash, book drive, or bake sale? We are thankful and ready to hear your fundraising ideas and assist you in your efforts! Let's start planning today!


Become a Partner

When your business partners with Legacy Family Center, you will join a movement to buoy our youth and form future leaders. Together, we’ll engage your employees in working toward a common cause, build friendships, and create more awareness around social responsibility. Get started today!

Co-working space
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