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Moving In

Social Services

A healthy and resilient community requires a multi-level approach so families can access basic needs like nutritious food, housing, transportation, and health insurance. Legacy Family Center connects families to social services to attain and sustain self-sufficiency. By prioritizing the current and future needs of generations, we grow and thrive, resulting in living happier lives and a community better prepared for future adversities.

Nutritious Food

Given the number of food-insecure households, it is critical to implement initiatives to create a more equitable and sustainable food system. Legacy Family Center connects families with social services to create a food system that works to meet their unique needs. You are ready to place nutritious food on your table, contact us today!



Legacy Family Center works with a network of committed transitional housing and shelters to tailor its educational programs to the needs of families, children, and youth. Together, we can find affordable housing for you. Let's chat today!



Getting from point A to point B is an obstacle for many families. If you are of lower income, it’s estimated that 42% of your income is spent on transportation, making getting to work, a doctor’s appointment, or the grocery store stressful. Allow Legacy Family Center to provide transportation information you can’t afford to miss. There are many options, from free to discounted rates on public transportation, leveraging Medicaid services, and Lyft low-income rates. There are many options to get you where you need to be, learn more today!


Health Insurance

Household income and situation with help define which health insurance is best for you and your family. Legacy Family Center will guide you in the right direction, whether no-cost or low-cost; through Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare, Medicaid, or CHIP, we will connect you to the right people to help you determine the best option. Make healthcare a reality in your life, reach out today!


Legal Services

Life can get tricky, and knowing the law can help you understand your rights and ensure justice for you and your family. Allow LFC to be the source to connect you with the proper legal services that will educate, advocate, and resolve challenging issues. Try it the LFC way today!


Human Services

Navigating the Human Services umbrella can feel overwhelming, so Legacy Family Center will help you find opportunities to focus on your life. If you're trying to locate one service or a suite of services, we will steer you through Food & Nutrition, Housing, Income, Healthcare, Childcare Assistance, or coping with a crisis so that you can feel more secure. For better peace of mind, contact us today!

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