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Legacy Family Center’s programs support families to attain self-sufficiency, support life-long learning, and encourage participants to return the same kindness extended to them to future families.

  • Promote family connection

  • Offer leadership and mentoring opportunities for our youth

  • Encourage lifelong learning

  • Refine skills for entrance into the workforce

  • Support holistic wellness of the mind, body, and spirit

  • Acquire social services they need to progress toward autonomy

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Our education programs offer children  the opportunity to learn and promote family connection. Whether you're leveraging LFC's Book Distribution, Youth Readers, STEAM Initiative, Financial Literacy, or ACT/SAT Preparation Program, education is the beginning of everything positive in your life.


Maintaining overall wellness isn’t intuitive; it’s learned. We help you learn, practice, and master effective wellness strategies and skills that will be useful throughout your academic career and beyond. Strategies we look at are mental wellness and awareness, the importance of exercise, meditation, and nutrition.


Understanding all your career options is essential in making your dreams come true. We help young adults explore careers, education opportunities, pre-employment skill-building, resume-building, and internship/apprenticeship to ensure our youth understand their many choices.


Access to nutritious food, housing, transportation, and health insurance is essential. As a community-based organization, we compassionately listen, foster dignity and self-reliance, and connect families to comprehensive and coordinated social service programs to better their lives. 

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